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Digital Assets

We are specialists in relation to Bitcoin and digital assets. 


HCEO works with worldwide law enforcement and private individuals to seize, store and dispose of digital assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Alt-Coins. 

We can assist with digital asset recoveries under:

  • The Proceeds of Crime Act

  • A High Court Writ of Control 

  • An Unexplained Wealth Order 

In addition we work closely with professional investigators who can assist with the tracing of digital assets and wallets. 

Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency

If you have a debtor who is in the Digital Asset space we are at the forefront of the recovery of cryptocurrency and digital assets. We work with a number of organisations who can help trace wallets and blockchain transactions.


Likewise, our enforcement agents are specially trained look for cold-storage devices and tell-tale signs of Bitcoin or cryptocurrency activity. Digital assets do remain hard to locate and seize however with the right preparation and team in place the odds are greatly increased. Please get in touch today for more information. 

We are able to seize and securely store:

- Bitcoin 
- Ethereum 
- Stablecoins 
- Privacy Coins 
- Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs)


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