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Introducing our law firm

High Court Enforcement 

HCEO - civil enforcement meets policing standards. For the prompt and effective recovery of your money or property. 

Under guidance of our High Court Enforcement Officer (HCEO) a former Priority Crime Police Officer, through our team of 'Enforcement Providers' we have robust, overlapping certificated enforcement agent coverage across all of England & Wales. 

In addition our HCEO and all senior managers are certificated enforcement agents, we truly lead from the front. With us there is no such thing as a desk job.


We do not believe in a high volume of cases, we believe in results. High Court Enforcement the way it was intended. 

"In Omnia Paratus"

High Court Enforcement Solutions


Writ of Control 

If you have a money judgment or order that confirms you are owed £600 or more the matter can be Transfer Up for our agents to collect what the courts confirmed you are lawfully owed under a High Court Writ of Control. 


Writ of Possession

If you have obtained a county court Possession Order for a property, why wait until the Bailiffs are free to attend? In most cases you can obtain a Writ of Possession for our agents to promptly recover your property or your land. 


Writ of Delivery

If you need to recover known property of any value, shape or size then you can instruct us through a high court Writ of Delivery and we will attend any location in England or Wales, seize and deliver the goods to you. 


All other Writs 

From Writs of Assistance to Writs of Restitution we have you covered. As Authorised High Court Enforcement Officers, our agents can attend under a writ for whatever purpose you may require.

Have We Contacted You?

1. Notice of Enforcement 

If you have received a letter or an email entitled 'Notice Of Enforcement' from HCEO or one of our Enforcement Providers it is a legally prescribed document which notifies you of the debt and fees to date as well as our intention to take further enforcement action should the notice period expire without resolution. 

To avoid further enforcement action and fees, payment can be made as per the details on the letter. 

2. Notice of Attendance 

If you have received a letter entitled 'Notice of Attendance' a Certificated Enforcement Agent has attended your premises with the intention to take control of goods to the value of the debt and the enforcement fees at the current stage. 

To avoid further enforcement action and fees, you should make contact with the Enforcement Agent named on the letter. 

3. Notice of Intended Re-Entry 

If you have received a letter entitled 'Notice of Intended Re-Entry' otherwise referred to as a 'Two day Notice' it is the Enforcement Agents intention to enter your property, by force if necessary, to remove goods for sale which will incur additional fees. 

To avoid further enforcement action and fees, you should urgently make contact with the Enforcement Agent named on the notice. 

4. Notice of Sale

If you have received a document entitled 'Notice of Sale' the attending agent has removed goods with the intention of selling them after 7 days unless the matter is paid in full. 

You should make contact with the Enforcement Agent named on the notice as soon as possible. 

Importantly: In the first instance you should always contact the Enforcement Agent. For all other matters please contact us:

If we are industrious, we shall never starve; for, at the workingman's house hunger looks in, but dares not enter. Nor will the bailiff or the constable enter, for industry pays debts, while despair increaseth them. 

Benjamin Franklin 1758

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