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HCEO Limited T/A

"In Omnia Paratus"

Welcome to, part of HCEO Limited. "In Omnia Paratus" is more than just a slogan to us, it is our mantra. It translates as 'prepared for all things' or 'ready for anything', which is exactly what we are. 

We only use the best of the best Enforcement Providers and security professionals on our high court writs. 

Our HCEO and Managing Director is a former Priority Crime Police Officer and highly experienced Certificated Enforcement Agent. He, as do our senior managers, remain certificated in their own right so that we really can lead from the front and enforce our own writs if required.


At HCEO we do not believe in desk jobs. Instead we offer the robust, lawful execution of  High Court writs

and Common Law enforcement across all of England & Wales. 


Our Vision

We actively champion improvement in the civil enforcement sector in line with policing standards. 

Whilst Certificated Enforcement Agents do not, under most circumstances, have the power of arrest, they do have significant powers to enter premises, often by the use of force and to take control and potentially remove goods for sale. 

We ensure our panel of Enforcement Providers are the best of the best and up to date with all training and ongoing CPD. 

The use of high quality body worn video technology is mandatory on all visits and reporting is of the highest standard, in-line with police officers reports. 

Above all else we truly do lead from the front, we would never instruct an agent to attend on a matter that we would not attend ourselves. Even our HCEO is an active, certificated enforcement agent. There are no ivory towers with us. 

We believe we are the only high court provider committed to bringing a front line driven approach to civil enforcement. 

Our Authorised Officer

 Morgan David Sheldon  FCICM  F.Inst.Pa  MLIBF

Authorised High Court Enforcement Officer (ACHEO)
& Civil Enforcement Lawyer. 

Morgan is a former Priority Crime Police Officer & Acting Sergeant.
He is now our Managing Director and HCEO. Morgan is:

A Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Credit Management

A full member of the High Court Enforcement Officers Association
A Fellow of the Institute of Paralegals
A Member of the London Institute of Baking & Finance

In addition Morgan has served as a Chartered Institute of Credit Management Coach and was awarded Paralegal of the Year 2020 for his work in the enforcement sector. Your case is in very safe hands with us. 


Your job gives you authority.

Your behaviour gives you respect.

Work with us?

We are always looking to expand our team of Enforcement Providers. Please get in touch if you would like the opportunity to work with us. But before you do:

1. We are only looking for the best of the best agents 

2. You must be up-to-date with your education and CPD

3. We will require a recent criminal records check 

4. Your enforcement agent bond must be your own 

5. You must hold sufficient insurances 

6. The use of BWV is mandatory. We prefer HALO cameras

7. We require two references, one must be industry related 

8. You must agree to adopt our policies and procedures 

9. You should be hungry to develop yourself in the industry 

These are just some of our minimum requirements, if you would like the chance to shine and develop your skills please contact us. 

Please note: If you join the HCEO TEAM we can often facilitate the Transfer Up of cases, we do not however loan out our HCEOs Authority to other businesses. We hold a central register of all writs in line with Ministry of Justice formal guidance. 

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